subota, 26. rujna 2009.

A lovely kitchen floor and a...Card?

The laminate floor is finally in place:)) Thanks to my husband's supernatural powers, the kitchen now looks like this:

And this...

The kitchen cabinets aren't yet in place, because we need some plumbing (and gas installing) to be done before we can do that. We did put in a few, just to see how it will look with the dark floor, and I think it looks amazing:))) The cabinets are kind of old looking, just the way I wanted them. My first choice was a pale green rustic kitchen, but since it was two times more expensive, we decided on this one. I have no regrets:)!!

The walls proved to be really crooked, and it seems the only way to really fix an old house like ours would be to scrape all the way to the bricks, make them bare and then add on whichever insulation and method you prefer. However, such a process would be very costly and loooong, so that, for now, we are very pleased with what we (ahem, Miro) accomplished.

Well, there is another very exciting thing happening on my blog: this is the first time that I'm 'publishing' my handmade card and linking it to any blog that's hosting a challenge. Of course, since Nina is my greatest inspiration and the woman who introduced me to the whole card making world (or paper creativity in general:), I am joining the Stamp TV's Color Combo Challenge that she is hosting (to use any shade of red; cream or white; kraft or sand; and chocolate brown). I am sooo excited about it. Here is my card:
It was very difficult to make it look like it looks in 'real life'. Even this one, that I ended up choosing, is not true to the original (e.g. you can't really see that the ribbon is of a cream colour). Buuuut, this is my first time ever, and I am super excited, nevertheless:))

Have a wonderful weekend, dear friends:)!

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  1. Oh, this is beautiful, Ivana. I'm so glad you joined StampTV. You're my first recruit.

  2. Your kitchen looks beautiful! I love it! And I'm glad you're having fun with making cards. I have had lots of friends that enjoy doing that... me, not so much. I'm more into stitching and various needlework. :-)

  3. Hi Ivana...

    I haven't seen you in a while. Is everything going okay? Hope you and the baby are healthy and doing well.