srijeda, 3. veljače 2010.

Luka is here!

Many things happened in the last few weeks, but suffice it to say that Luka had arrived to this world of ours and he is a healthy, strong little candy of a boy:)! I've had some problems with my health but the Lord took care of all that. I like the verse for today on this page: Psalm 59:16. His strength carried me and His love nurtured me all the while I was in the hospital. His unchanging love and mercy shone with such light that my darkness was completely dispelled. Now that I look at it, it seems nothing better could have happened to me than to have ended up in the hospital:)). Well, perhaps:)

My husband has been my BEST FRIEND, my greatest comfort. As I said to a friend a while ago, my reliable and bottomless source of love. Where does he store it:)?

Also, what kept me going when I was thinking that I was running on empty were the prayers of my brothers and sisters. I took such comfort in that. In a certain, strong sense, it meant to me that God was not giving up on me - on the contrary, He was raising a little army of prayer warriors to lift me up in their prayers - What love and comfort!!

(I wish I could write better and longer about this terrible/wonderful experience...)

Anyway, I'm all better now:), at home with my family. Little Luka is eating and sleeping well, and J & J seem to like him a lot:) Miro can finally rest, at least at night, for he was bottle feeding Luka while I was in the hospital. He was so exhausted, since that came at the tail of a long tiresome journey of taking care of EVERYTHING for a few months, just when we thought he was out of the woods. Bam! But, loving as he is, he did it all without murmuring. In Him who gives us the strength, for He is the vine and we are the branches...

So, here's looking at my husband and children; you, my brothers and sisters;, and Him who is our all! THANK YOU!!!