utorak, 12. travnja 2011.

Visits and Cards

Miro's Dad and sister came to visit us the other weekend, and we enjoyed three days of lovely company and sunshine. Miro's Dad celebrated his 55th birthday with us and we had a bbq for him. My boys had a blast, they love their grandpa so much. His name is Ferenc and he lives in Zadar, where Miro is from. Zadar is a beautiful old city on the Dalmatian coast. Hopefully, we will go there this summer and stay for a week or so with grandpa, who lives alone, since Miro's Mom passed away 13 years ago.

Grandpa said he liked my cards (I was soooo flattered:D) and asked me to make two for his sister and her daughter Ella. Since I recently bought fantastic papers from my friend Teta Beta, I decided to use those. One card is intended for a grown woman, and for some reason I kept having in mind those shoes that have a clasp, like this :). Which is why the card looks like this...

The other one was meant for a little lady named Ella, and is much more girly and childlike.

I hope the girls will have fun on their birthdays.