srijeda, 31. ožujka 2010.

A new card

Maybe it's the March madness, but I've finally decided to write something:)! As the Spring enters our little town of Nova Gradiška, I am also feeling the need to stretch a little bit, take a stroll down the canal, or just stop to smell the flowers. Luka is finally out of his colic stage, and we sometimes sleep more than three hours at a time! What a change! Last night I actually awoke around 3 am, wondering if he was still alive:)

Today hasn't been that good since I am running a little fever and feel like I've been run over buy a truck:)). But hey, it's Easter soon and Easter is my favourite Christian holiday, so my spirits are up! Especially since Charlie and Barb are coming over on Saturday for a little preEaster brunch. Yes, it will be fabulous!!

Anyway, what really brought me out, hehe, is the challenge that Nina is offering on account of her 1 year blogiversary, over at her superb Crafting in Croatia blog. I am entering this card. I wanted to write 'Chantilly lace' as the sentiment (it just went so well with the card), but didn't have the stamp for it (lol), and it was too late to print it out... However, 'Just for you' is also nice. This is actually one of my favourite combinations of colours.

Hmmm, perhaps I'll make another one for this challenge tomorrow...;)