subota, 16. listopada 2010.

Taking it back:)))

I thought it was about time to 'overwrite' that last post:)).

You see, it was written at the end of my wits, and at the end of my wits there is a little grove, where a little dwarf sits on a tree stump, and laughs at all my efforts. Like, a realist sort of dwarf, who's just saying it like 'it is'. And, as gullible as I am, I usually believe him. Probably because at the end of my wits, you know, there are no clear thoughts, only strips of thoughts, glimpses of them. No big picture, just senseless mosaics that get lifted into whirlwinds and wreak havoc inside me. Which is when I fall down, exhausted by the buzzing pandemonium of my own brain. And then I sit down and blog about it!!!!! I know, it doesn't get more foolish than that;).

So, here is a REAL update:) We happily welcomed Miro back from Berlin. Our wonderful
Husband and Dad even had little presents for us:). Resting my eyes on his beautiful, kind face was probably the biggest treat for me. My eyes truly rest when I look at him. It was always like that. Oh, what a lucky girl I am:)! Blessings everywhere - Jakov doing well at school, Josip enjoying his kindergarten, Luka being healthy and growing all the time, wonderful relationships with brothers and sisters in the Lord...

The only thing that's tempting me to worry is the wall in our bedroom. We actually moved out of it because of some mouldy problems. My allergies have worsened and it seems to be the direct result of sleeping in that bedroom. We are looking at many different remedies, trying to figure out what would put an end to it all (we've already invested a considerable amount of money on it, and the problem is still there). For now, we are trying to dry it by using the air conditioner in there, because it actually functions as an air dehumidifier - this is something we know because God gave us our dearest team leader Charlie:).

Anyway, Autumn is underfoot:), leaves everywhere, beautiful scenery around our town. And...I even managed to make a card the other day. Quite an accomplishment:)! Luka is teething and only takes little naps in between all the crying and clinging to me, poor little guy. 'This too shall pass', and I will probably look back on these moments with nostalgia, because Luka is growing SO FAST!

So, here is the little card I made for a special friend who had her book published the other day:) Love to you all!

petak, 1. listopada 2010.

Is it Sunday yet?

I'm still alive. That I can vouch for. I can't really vouch for many other things. Like, my sanity. From this side of my body, I imagine my nerves looking worn out like old tires - very thin and in danger of tearing... The fact that I don't sleep much must be adding to it ;). I never ever could have guessed how much work my husband does on a daily basis! How many little things he holds together, how many pieces of information, how many threads that hold our lives and keep it on the track. He has been gone for a week and I feel like a zombie.

I am so ready for it to be Sunday :)