ponedjeljak, 14. rujna 2009.

Wooziness, the residential hero, kitchen 'befores'

Well, I've spent most of the day in bed:(. I did work on translation in the morning, but then around 1 pm I just started feeling all weak and like I was going to faint. That's when Miro came home from his meeting and saved the day, as usual. After spending the whole morning in that meeting, he finished lunch, put the kids to bed, planted flowers in the garden, took great care of me (which included large amounts of chocolate) ...and still looks like a million dollars:))

There are so many things I would love to do now, so many little projects, some of which even have to do with Christmas - antebaby fever is shaking me strongly. So much nesting to do, and so little energy. My dr appointment is on Wednesday, and I'm really afraid that he's going to send me on STRICT bed rest. Oh no...
I thought that today might be a good day for my 'befores' - you can't do much when you're in bed all day long... please pray that this goes away, my family really needs me, especially when our kitchen looks like this (actually, the cabinets are new, but are waiting for the old ones to go out, which can't be done before a zillion other things get done):
The grey spot on the wall denotes the place where there used to be a door, but my crafty husband and our Master Fixer Charlie made it disappear.
Look at those old dingy kitchen cabinets...
and those HIDEOUS tiles!!!
Something radical must be done, don't you think?!?
This does seem like a horrific intro into our house make over:))) But, hang on, it might get worse - wait till we get to the bathroom!!!

2 komentara:

  1. I liked the white cabinets (in the first picture)... they look so decorative.

    Unfortunately, the pictures didn't look so bad... probably just lost in translation. It will be so nice when you're finished!

    I understand what you mean about having "baby fever" and not feeling up to getting things done. I have the same thing building up inside me and it feels like my "get up and go" got up and went. :-)

    Hopefully we'll both get it back very soon.

  2. Thank you for encouraging me to rest more. I do know what you mean about trying to relax instead of doing chores. My husband works so hard and so long that there really isn't time for him to do my chores after he comes home... so if I don't do it, it won't get done. And unfortunately, the dishes need to be washed. I haven't done any dishes since Saturday! I am trying to do the minimal, though. I promise.

    You know more what this is like than I do. You've had strict bedrest, haven't you?

    Btw, your husband and I had a nice little chat on Facebook. It seems he may be planning a vacation so you can come visit me! That would be so much fun! :-)