subota, 12. rujna 2009.

A lazy Saturday morning in the Balint-Feudvarski home.. Unfortunately, it is mainly caused by Miro's toothache that kept him up most of the night. It's actually gums inflamation. Apparently, one of his wisdom teeth is pressing on another tooth and gums, causing terrible pain. He's on antibiotics now, but that doesn't seem to help much. It was hard waking up at night only to see him walking around the house or tossing and turning in bed.

My allergy is also acting up these days, worse than usual. Ever since the beginning of my pregnancy, I've had to sleep with my mouth open, because the nose is completely clogged. You don't want to know how the inside of my mouth looks like in the morning:)...yuck!!

However, we didn't let it bring us down. We had our coffee(s), had a wonderful breakfast with J&J, even worked on translation for a bit (Christology, as a part of the Systematic Theology for TBA in Krapina).

Speaking of J&J, they are outside, in the yard, along with half of the neighbourhood kids:) I am so glad Josip is out there, because lately he spends all his time at home, as if we should have named him Jakov (Jacob):))

Please pray for Jakov to make friends at the kindergaten. As usual, I am freaking out, thinking that nobody wants to play with him and that the boys are just pushing him away and... please pray for him, but also for me, that I stop thinking like that, because I know I can only hurt Jakov that way, and not help him.

As a family, we are going through Hebrews. Quite a bit to swallow for a 6 and (almost) 5 year old, but we have had so many glorious opportunities to talk about Jesus with them, it has been amazing. As they are memorizing the fruit of the Spirit, Miro and I are reminded of our own faults... nothing seems as humbling as teaching someone else something you are not obedient at. With kids it becomes so obvious that faith MUST be lived out, because otherwise it is no faith at all.
Well then, here is a nice photo of my two little sinners, making nasty faces:)))

Have a wonderful day, all over the world:)!

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