četvrtak, 3. prosinca 2009.

Good news!

Jakov is almost out of his chicken pox days. There is no more itching, and he is actually full of energy, ready to go play outside again!
My Dad is already out of the hospital, feeling well and resting on his couch, with my mom as his nurse - and, well, you can't beat that!

Also, I saw my Doctor for a check up and an ultrasound, and all he said was so encouraging!! It seems that that poor stitch of mine:) is still there, holding the fort:), and Dr believes it will last three more weeks, until it's time to take it out. So, basically there are only 3 more weeks of this complete bedrest for me!! I cannot begin to tell you how much that means to me - the "real" life is close!! I can be a "full time" wife and mom again, I can be a witness for Christ in my wider community, I can be a better friend to my friends!!

Thank you SO MUCH for your prayers!! Seeing the baby on the ultrasound and hearing his (it is definitely a "he", don't ask me how I know - I saw it real well:))!!) heartbeat made me cry. Oh how I love him already. He had his little hand over his face and didn't let us get a good look, but we saw everything else, and it was all healthy and beautiful. The Lord weaved him out of nothing!!!! Oh there should be a billion of exclamation marks there. I am so amazed by Him, His power, His wisdom, His love, His mercy....

In His name I greet you and send you hugs and kisses from my little foggy town, praying that his light is never out of you sight! May we together grow in understanding and humility before Him.