subota, 27. studenoga 2010.

Little November update

So, what have we been up to in the past month or so? Time goes by quickly, each day is rapidly replaced by the next, work, school, food, clothes, cleaning, house projects 'done' and house projects 'arrested', Reformation Day celebration, Josip's birthday, Sunday morning services, dr. appointments - all in a month's work:))) All of those are also good things. Times of fellowship, times of joy, times of learning self-discipline, times of rest after an exhausting day, times of going to school alone!, times of preaching the Gospel, times of hanging pictures on the wall... A great big 'mess' of things, that will someday be memories to all of us, that will be 'childhood' to my boys.
Even now, I am off: gotta take Luka to the doctor (last week at the cardiologist, he got a clean bill of health - no more of those visits anymore, praise the Lord!) and then to Barb's for a visit. Here are two cards I made recently, one for Jakov's friend and the other one was Josip's B-party invitation. Have fun, everyone:)))

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