četvrtak, 8. listopada 2009.

Today is the Croatian Independence Day, and I'm still in bed. The boys are playing in their room and Miro is shaving (yay:). The morning is slowly dragging along. We had some hot dogs for breakfast and I'm looking forward to my second cup of coffee in the day (my favourite one, the one that I sip, unlike the first one which goes down almost in one gulp).

The house is more or less "done", which only means that the work on the kitchen is over and the gas has been installed. Well, tomorrow is the day when the Gas people come and officially connect us to the town's installations. It has been a long process, and one I wouldn't like to go through in the near future. I can' t wait for the gas installation, because I need a shower!!! and there is no hot water in the house!

Last week my mom and dad visited us for the long weekend. That whole time I couldn't find the camera, because of the mess in the house, so that there is no record of them being here:(. However, we had a wonderful time. Josip was especially smitten with his "baka" (granny), as usual. On the day of their departure, we were looking at their car slowly disappearing on the freeway, and Josip said, 'What will they do without us? They love us so much, but they just need to go.' Needless to say, I felt heartbroken. I guess, as far as I'm concerned, I don't miss their company as much as I miss the possibility of dropping by occasionaly, when I feel like it.
Well, I shouldn't pretend to be tough.... I miss them.

Anyway, it's already evening andI should just post this. (Today my aunt Vesna started following this blog, and I welcome her, it's really nice to be in touch this way:)

Have a nice and relaxing evening all you lovely people:))

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  1. Dear Ivana...

    I am so sorry to hear about the stitches. I can't imagine what that must be like. I am hoping you're not in pain. You have every reason to not be in contact (though, I must confess I have been worrying about you). I'm still praying for you that the baby will be safe and healthy and not give you any trouble until AFTER he enters this world. ;-)

    Thank you, too, for your encouragement to forget about the pies. I know people would probably understand, but this is such a busy time of year with all these holidays coming up. The major drag of it all is that I am actually excited about trying a new recipe... a Pumpkin Cheesecake... doesn't that sound delectable?

    Jonah just needs to make his appearance within the next 10 days... that's all there is to it! :-D

    Give yourself a big hug from me (can't help but be a big one... because I'm BIG).