srijeda, 25. kolovoza 2010.

Not so fast!

Actually, I meant I did not write this as fast as I wanted to:). You know, the usual excuses, or should I say, the usual suspects (there are four of them in my household... or five, including the dog:))

But, here I am, and I have some nice birthday photos to share. Jakov and his little guests had a great time, and the birthday party lasted full 4 hours!! Thankfully, 2/3 of that time were spent outside, where Miro was great at entertaining all the little football crazed boys. The girls spent their time talking to me(!) and singing the new song by Kim Verson (16 year old national talent show winner). I have it on our camera - it was so funny and cute!

After that, we spent almost three weeks in Dalmatia, visiting parents and friends. We stayed for ten days at a friends' apartment, while they were traveling - so gracious of them!

But you see, being back home didn't hurt any of us too much, especially Miro and me. Being away from home with three little kids can get pretty exhausting. However, we did get to spend a few carefree lying in the sand days...what more could I want? Well, maybe 7 of those:), but hey there's always next summer, Lord willing.

On the right side you can see some birthdays photos and photos from our trip. They are there because after some experimenting I now don't know how to change their position:D

Have a nice day, you wonderful people!!