četvrtak, 15. srpnja 2010.

YAY for CARDS BY ELI:))!!!

I was thrilled to hear that a wonderful friend of mine, Elizabeta Kushner, was into cards, and not only that, but that she is amazing at it and has her own fantastic blog!! It was such a joy to hear that I have a new card making buddy but also a huge encouragement for me to keep up with this blog of mine that gets advertised on our every prayer letter. I really apologize to anyone who had in the past come here only to find out that nothing is going on:(. I plan to do better in the future, and that is all dear Elizabeta's doing:))!

Well, as far as the news go, another birthday is coming up at the Balint-Feudvarski household, and it is Jakov's 7th! We will be celebrating on Saturday, although his birthday is on Sunday the 18th. However, with two Church services to attend, it would have been too much to squeeze in a birthday party as well:)

Here is the invitation for the happy occasion (I was really trying to avoid anything with monsters, aliens, or 'alien force' (Ben 10, for the chosen few who don't know):)).

I hope you like it. Little boats and lighthouses are also the theme of the boys' bedroom and I really like that boyish summery playing in the sand care-free feel.

And now I need to start preparing for the celebration, there is so much still to do! See you soon with the pics:)!