subota, 25. rujna 2010.

I (He) can do it:)!

I'm writing this on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Miro and Jakov went to Daruvar, a near-by town, where Miro was invited to speak at a Youth meeting. Tomorrow morning he leaves for Berlin. Wow... Next week will definitely be challenging for me and (the rest of) my house:). Driving Jakov to school, Josip to kindergarten. I hope it will be a sunny week, which would make transporting Luka much easier;) But, whatever the case, I can do everything in the One who gives me strength:)!!!

Anyway, I am SO glad Miro got this wonderful opportunity to spend a week listening to a lecture on New Testament Theology, having fellowship with many brothers from all over the world. I pray he comes home refreshed and energized.

Now, here is a little card I made the other day, using the same stamp set, Gina K's Oh Boy by Tami Mayberry. Last time I forgot to say that my card was very much inspired (if not copied;) by Donna Baker's card made with the same set. (Truth be told, I like EVERYTHING that amazingly talented lady does:)! So, here is my little attempt - the light is bad as usual, but I just love these colours. Hope you like it! Have a wonderful day, dear friends!

subota, 11. rujna 2010.

School time!

School started on Monday! On Monday morning, Jakov took his Hot Wheels school bag, bravely shushed his fears and became a pupil! This whole week passed without any problems. I am so proud of him:).

Josip also started kindergarten. I believe that somehow it was even harder for him - Jakov already knew some of his school buddies, while this was Josip's first introduction to his group...

We've all been a bit nervous this week, but I am so thankful to God for leading us through it all, without any major dificulties. I am praying for wisdom in dealing with my kids on so many levels - intelectually, spiritually, emotionally... Sometimes I really feel so inept for motherhood, or better to say, for being so important in somebody's life. I hope I won't mess up my boys' lives..

On a (much) lighter note, we've had some birthday parties in our neighbourhood these days. I am so happy that we are becoming a part of the area and that the kids get invited to parties. Actually, since we made those invitations for Jakov's birthday a while back, every birthday on our street sports home made invitations - I guess people like the idea! Who knows, maybe that's a beginning of a lovely ministry:)?

Here are two cards I made for those birthdays. First is a candilicious :) card for a girl who hasn't had much sweetness in her young life. The pink background has polka dots on it, but it's not clearly visible.

The second one was for Leonardo (no, he is not one of the Ninja Turtles;), J&J's friend.