subota, 7. studenoga 2009.

We had a wonderful time!

Really! The children were well enough behaved, there weren't too many tears and Miro was the perfect host! Our teammate Betsy was here with her adorable 3-year-old Teyla; my brother, his wife and their little son Ante came as well - what a wonderful evening. I think Josip had a blast, especially when my brother presented him with a remote control car track! There were many phonecalls and singing and fb greetings:))) Josip enjoyed it all!

I haven't seen my brother and his family for 4 months or so, and it was really good to catch up. Their little boy is just a bundle of joy - like a little sponge that remembers and imitates everything he hears or sees. My sister in law is a beautiful woman and I sometimes enjoy just looking at her:) I realized tonight that I really miss them, although our relationship was never that great. They said they will come visit when the baby is born. I am looking forward to it.

The grown-ups helped with the cleaning in the end. So good toward me, everyone. And now the boys are in bed and Miro is loading the dishwasher. My poor, tired, wonderful man... He is preaching tomorrow both in Slavonski Brod and here in Gradiška, and will probably be finishing up his sermon until late tonight. I am so thankful that God gave him, exactly him, to me. I better go pray for him:). Before I go, here are some birthday highlights:

Miro coming in with the cake!!

Lighting the No 5 candle!

The joy of a successfully blown out candle:)

Ante scaring me in his "ghost" costume:)

My birthday boy being all strong and scary:)

Well, I hope you have a good night/day:)!

3 komentara:

  1. Looks like a very successful celebration! I'm glad everything turned out so well and that you were able to enjoy it as well.

    Rest well, my friend!

  2. Your boys are getting so big. Thanks for sharing your pics. How are you doing? We've been praying for you. I will look into that blog post. I couldn't leave a comment either.

  3. What a special celebration! Happy Birthday little one!

    Praying for you, for your strength, your family and your new baby!

    Be encouraged, this season will soon be over and the joys will overshadow the hardships!