petak, 6. studenoga 2009.

1 Timothy 1,17

Today has turned out to be a long day. I haven't been feeling too perky, and the kids were especially sensitive. So, we're already calling it a night. Anyway, tomorrow is a big day, full of excitement - Josip's birthday!! We are going to have a little celebration and it seems that my brother with his family will be here with us, at least for a little while. What a wonderful treat!

J, J&I made some little bookmarky things to put into kids' little treasure hunt bags, along with other yummy goodies. I am really doing my best to channel their energy and teach them something about God in the process, but today I've been feeling like such a failure. A mom that is always in bed isn't a great source of direction for her ever needy children. And I don't mean needy just in the emotional sense, but in a "real" sense: in the sense of giving them a glass of water, making pancakes, showing them some new game that includes moving, making sure they brushed their teeth properly and not just ate the toothpaste...

One thing that really made my evening was reading Dr MacArthur on wisdom of God. Just reading some verses about His magnificence, the depth and the width of His wisdom, being reminded AGAIN that true wisdom is to fear God and keep His commandments... was really uplifting for my soul. And it helps me to keep on moving, however immobile:).

Thank you so much for your prayers, dear friends...

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