četvrtak, 19. studenoga 2009.

A glorious, sunny day in my little town! Although I only get to see it from the inside, I still feel its enthusiasm and positiveness:) Also, I am 32 weeks pregnant and that also sounds very hope inspiring. Waiting for the miracle to come...:)

Lately I've been thinking about the layout for my Christmas cards, and lacking the option of sitting for long, have decided for this (the one with the photo) - I really like Kristina Werner's creations and this seems like a perfect fuss-free gift for me. I will change the colours, though, for I think my family of men would look better in a blue-brown combination and on a colour photo. A dear friend of mine will soon send me some winter maternity clothes and I will have something (other thatn this pink sweater that I now have on:) to wear on that Christmas photo. Although I was pregnant twice already, I don't have my own winter mater. clothes mainly because I gave birth to Jakov in the middle of the Summer and although Josip was born in November, that Autumn was so warm that I came to the hospital on November 6th wearing a T-shirt! That is why I do have maternity pants, but no shirts or sweaters...

(Miro just came in playing the mouth harmonica he bought at a local store - it sounds great:)))). He is very musical and I do have some hopes of our children playing instruments some time in the future.)

Kudos to my friend Wendy who gave birth to her son, Jonah Mark, on Monday! You go, girl:)) I am so happy that it didn't last too long for you and that you are finally done with contractions and worrying!

Have a wonderful day, dear friends!

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