srijeda, 5. listopada 2011.

My Brother

My posts seem to be one prayer need after another. Just like life, I guess.

Well, my brother, Ivo, is at the hospital. The doctors are trying to figure out what's wrong with him, but without success. He's had a fever for a long time, but his bloodwork is perfect and there are no other visible symptoms.  Needless to say, he is feeling really sad. The longer he doesn't know what's wrong, the worse and darker his thoughts become. He's never trusted Jesus as his Saviour and Lord, so that all his hope is feeble. Today, he's been very aggressive, arguing with the nurses and with our parents. I thoroughly dislike (in other words, hate) staying at the hospital (at least in a Croatian hospital), where nobody tells you anything and they just expect you to accept whatever they bring your way, so that I understand how helpless he must be feeling. And helplessness can make us all behave very bad. God help him.

They've already tested him on numerous bacterial diseases, from TBC and HIV to Streptococcus and Escherichia coli. And now, they're testing him for malignant diseases. Bone marrow puncture yesterday, today the Chron's disease test and an ultrasound of the heart. Next week lumbar puncture.

Here's a photo of him and his beautiful wife Sanja, and their darling son Ante...

Please pray with us, for a spiritual wake-up call and physical healing! Thank you so much!

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