subota, 1. listopada 2011.

Moving ahead

The teacher wasn't pleased. We'll try harder next time.

Miro is in Slavonski Brod today and I've done the Saturday lesson at the Deaf and hard of hearing school. I'm teaching the kids there the symbols of English phonetics so that they don't have to rely on what's written in their English classes but have a way of knowing how to pronounce words. Since they can't hear well, they usually go for the letters on the page, reading them phonetically, and, needless to say, that's fatal in a language like English where pronunciation is extra weird:). No offense:)))

And now... we are being lazy. It's still quite warm around here, but the colours are changing. October colours. A bright sunny day - a perfect day for walking, squinting and smiling.
And I hope to do some of that:).

Before we know it, the forests will be dressed like this...

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