četvrtak, 16. veljače 2012.


OK. My brother does have Crohn's disease and has been living with it for the past few months rather well. He changed his eating habits, and takes his medicine regularly. Soon he will go for another test in Zagreb, but all in all, he's doing well. No fever. :) Praise the Lord.

Other than these things, he's been doing really well... emotionally. We saw him during the Christmas break, when we stayed with my family for 2 weeks. I used to be afraid to look at him sometimes, because he used to be eager to interpret looks as threats, as attacks, as acts of belittling or scorn, although I tried my best never to feel or act that way toward him.

Anyway, this time... his look and his eyes were the most welcoming eyes in that house. Whenever I felt embarrassed or just caught myself in an awkward pause, his face was there to help me. Not because he used it, aware of the effect, but just because he was so friendly toward me. And everyone else. It was just... wonderful. I praise God for that, too.

Well, in other news, and pretty exciting news - Miro's Ordination service is this Sunday! I am not a fan of ceremony, when ceremony is its own end, like a custom. However, I am in awe of a meaningful ceremony, an event where words MEAN something, something beyond usual, everyday use of them. When you say something and in a special way you are aware that HERE and NOW God is here, listening, because it is a vow to Him. So special. May God be glorified in it, may His character be magnified and exalted among us on Sunday. Because everything is from Him, through Him, and for Him. To Him be the glory forever. Amen.

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