četvrtak, 29. rujna 2011.

Book Report Day and Baptism Service

Well, this too has passed. Jakov is at school now, with his report in the school bag. The second story he chose was called the Swineherd, and, for different reasons,  it was not an easy read. Anyway, it's all done now. Thank you so much for praying! I don't think it will make a good grade. However, the teacher might reward his effort - he did read it all by himself, which is something many other kids don't do - their Moms read it for them. And, he did write everything required of him. Miro spoke with the teacher yesterday, and tried to explain the difficulties Jakov is facing, and she seems to have understood and is willing to help. That is wonderful and hope inspiring! Here's the book, in all its 80s glory:(

Aahhh. Moving on. And not looking back.

Now, here's a great piece of news: a baptism service on Sunday. One dear brother and sister will be baptised!! I am so happy for them both! What an enormous encouragement they are for our church here. I am so looking forward to it (thinking about, among other things, what to wear:))))!!! Our little church band will play two songs, that is great, too. It will be held at a different Church, since we don't have a baptistry, but that is no downer:) We are going there small in numbers but with great joy in the Lord. May He bless the lives and paths of our new brother and sister in Him, who is our Beloved!

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