ponedjeljak, 20. lipnja 2011.

in the waiting mode

The boys are still gone. On the phone, Josip sounds happy. I hope they are. I pray they are.

I spent this morning at Jakov's school, talking to the school's psychologists about Jakov's problems with attention and reading skills. It was a good experience, and although not much was concluded, the ladies were very encouraging, and they said they will continue monitoring him in the Fall. I hope the teacher will open her heart and mind toward me and let me have at least her phone number! So strange, that a teacher wouldn't want to work together with the parent on the child's welfare. Maybe she had some bad experiences in the past?!? I don't know. The Lord is with us. Every step of the way. Prayer, prayer, prayer. Putting my trust in Him.

5 more days and my boys will be home.

I'm thankful for...

encouragement at discouraging places
the golden green grass at sunset
my neighbour's tractor (Luka 'drove' it:)
my neighbour Kaja, an old woman who gives Luka chocolate
my hardworking husband
freshly made apricot jam
a lunch that was full of goodies from our garden
reading 1 Peter with M in the quiet morning
that our faith is more precious than gold
that dying to self is a victory
kind stray dogs
my car radio
friends, always friends...
Jesus, who bought my salvation. and it was costly.

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