ponedjeljak, 30. svibnja 2011.

The path less traveled by

Glorious, sunny days in Nova Gradiška. School almost over, although finals are still not over. Please pray for Jakov and his ability to retain what we learn together, and not to zone out in the middle of the task at hand.
Please, pray for Josip to have a soft heart, soft conscience and an epiphany:) - to get at least a glimpse of his little self and feel the humility of human, his own condition. Pray that for me, too.
Luka is growing as fast as a weed:)))) Please pray for his 'debut' in the world of obedience:))

And now, let's visualise the little path of gratitude. That little path that is not yet well trodden, but is already forming receptive ground to walk on, like it was waiting for this, like this was its destiny and now it is being fulfilled. The little winding, enchanting path that invites faster heartbeats, that gives excitement in anticipation. Passing by little brooks, caressing the soft grass, stopping to smell the leaves and the bark, and, the best of all, seeing a dear friend coming toward you... SO MUCH to be thankful for, so much to be thankful for...

# 11 for my neighbour Mira
# 12 for my vegetable garden
# 13 for hot sunny days in Spring
# 14 for M's patience
# 15 for the look in Josip's eyes when he's on to something
# 16 for Jakov's jokes
# 17 for 'having a plan' (naming)
# 18 for occasional moments of solitude
# 19 for the fact that my Lord is a REBUILDER. ALL POWERFUL REBUILDER.
# 20 for friends who come to visit and we get to spend a few PRECIOUS hours sharing what's on our hearts
# 21 for the story of Zacchaeus
# 22 for the rain
# 23 for the salvation of sinners
# 24 for the sounds of 'screamage' from the boys' room - Luka and Josip scaring eachother
# 25 bottlefeeding Luka and him touching my nose, and us both laughing like there's no tomorrow
# 26 for potatoes in bloom
# 27 for the ants in my kitchen
# 28 for the Holy Scriptures
# 29 for my neighbours' kindness
# 30 for spinach

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