četvrtak, 26. svibnja 2011.

Some private stuff:))))))

(A recent e-mail from me to our DEAR friends and teammates, Charlie and Barb, who are in the States, but are coming back soon. Perhaps it seems pretty silly to write that as a blog post, but this was my day, and it was good, and I miss them:))

"Hey guys, how are you? How's big boy Charlie doing? I hope the drugs are of
good quality, if not, I know a guy:)))))))

Report from the Brennecke home:
Your home smells so NICE, I can't believe that even after you've been gone for quite a while the whole house just smells beautifully and gives me such a feeling of safety and rest. I miss you guys so much.
Praško waiting just behind the gate, in desperate need of tlc (won't touch hard food - he reads us like an open book)
Kekec crazy about running, eyebrows 5 cm long, gorgeous as ever, losing touch with reality:)))) just kidding (?:D?)
Speaking of centimeters - the weeds are getting to be of an impressive height:)! Ever since the End of the world on Sat, we've had short summer thunderstorms, with little showers of rain. It's amazing how weeds, unlike plants we like and nurture, only need a few drops of rain and they THRIVE:))
However, judging by the beautiful blooms of the plants in the living room, the lady that nurtures them has 'zlatne ruke' and I can't wait to see her.
We all weighed ourselves upstairs and (why not) here is the report (we all seem to weigh double in comparison to the guy behind us):
Luka 24.4 pounds
Josip 42.2
Jakov 73.8
Ivana (who lost weight which is the only reason she is doing this ridiculous
list:)))))))) 145.4

Hahaha, WE LOVE YOU!! See you soon.

P.S. Cherries sumptiously ripe. We had some.:)))

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