četvrtak, 16. prosinca 2010.

A little bit of Christmas cheer:)

Here are some of the cards I've been making lately. For our friends in the States we've sent out a photo card, I hope you guys over the ocean have received them already! These are the ones that will, for the most part, stay within the borders of 'Lijepa naša':).

The first one is a bit special and is intended for a wonderful woman who likes the red and black combination;).

However, these next two sets were really easy to make, and could all go under the category of a 10 minute card:)). But, don't they look lovely? Haha, praising myself...not a way to do it!

I hope you like them. Have a nice evening/day:))!

2 komentara:

  1. Ah, preslatke stvarčice :) Baš ih je lijepo vidjeti!

  2. These are so pretty, Ivana. How did you do the shapes?